The Most Advanced “Real-Time” AD Fraud product on the Market

Real-Time AD Blocking

Eliminate threats before your ad dollars are spent.

Real-Time Page Scanning

Blocks click hijacking, keeping customers on your website!

Real-Time AD Redirect

Disables browser plugin redirects and enhances engagement.

Verifire Technology

  • Publisher Benefits
    • Near Realtime Analytics and Continuous Traffic Ranking
    • Immutable Data
    • Pages and traffic source gets scanned for hidden and inappropriate AD or content
    • Option to Block in Real time by Category or send data for analysis
    • Minimal performance Impact
    • Personalized Custom Dashboard

The Problem

Advertising fraud is chewing up your marketing budget. Can you afford the loss?

The Damage Ad Fraud Does:

    • We expect in excess of $42 billion in losses over the next 3 years due to Ad Fraud

    • Less than 60 percent of web traffic is human

    • 70% of your marketing budget could be being lost to bots

The Solution?
Improve Your Media Spend. Boost your Brand Safety.


      Manage traffic suppliers by ROI

    • View – Real-Time blocking Data across all devices

    • Increase – average visitor time on your website

    • Improve overall website KPI’s and Customer Brand engagement

Deliver 15% website sales improvement!

The Verifire Difference:

Our low-cost trial lets you see how it works…

Easy technical implementation and Integration

Virtually no impact on Website Load = 10 milliseconds/no latency

Compatible with All 3rd Party Analytics Platforms with integration

Custom Dashboard lets you manage & influence the data to your needs

Worldwide or country-specific protection including 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring